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Dear Ms. Andersen…

I’m sitting in a coffee shop dealing with queries and issue placement right now. Strangely enough, it’s quite a relief, and I’m enjoying it. I’m not much of a face-to-face person (I get nervous), but I really like reading letters, even queries, from people I’ve never met, and getting a sense of who they are.

The thing that’s really standing out to me tonight, though, is the number of “Dear Ms. Andersen”, “Dear Ms. Anderson”, and “Dear Mr. Anderson” queries I’m getting. It’s starting to do my head in, so I’m going to set a couple of things straight.

[1] I’m a girl. It’s okay if you didn’t know this–it happens to me a lot. And, growing up, I was a tomboy. And I still climb trees. So no big deal.

See? I really am a girl, even if my hair is about to get quite a bit shorter soon...

See? I really am a girl, even if my hair is about to get quite a bit shorter soon...

[2] It’s “Andersen”. Blame my husband, Joe. His father’s family is Danish, and they spell everything funny.

[3] Please, people, don’t feel obligated to put in a title, or my whole name. It makes me feel all kinds of posh, and as if I have to write back in very careful, very formal English. Honestly, “Peta” is just fine. And, since lots or people ask, you can pronounce it either way–Pea-ta (like the organisation) or Pet-ah. My family calls my both, so you can, too. Assuming you want to call me, that is.

Now, back to queries. By the way, January is going to be a dark winter issue, a mixture of creepy, hide under the bed stories, and curl up with a good cup of hot chocolate ones…


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Les Bonnes Fees, September 2008

Les Bonnes Fees, September 2008

The September issue of Les Bonnes Fees is now online–so settle down with a cup of hot chocolate, something to eat, a box of tissues, and get reading!

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The September issue is nearly done–we’re doing all the necessary tweaks and fixes now. So, as they say in 2003: Watch this space!

In the meantime, have a look at our new autumn site template, here, and let us know what you think. The illustration is an Ivan Bilbin, from The Beautiful Vasilisa (and I’ll post more on her later).

Before I go, a little pretty for a rainy Sunday afternoon…

Poster for Salon des Cent, 1894

Poster for Salon des Cent, Eugene Samuel Grasset, 1894

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It’s been a while since we posted about our upcoming issue, so here’s a little something to chew on ’til we go live on Sunday (we can’t go live on Saturday, otherwise the funny people at SNL might get a little cranky with us for stealing their thunder).

So, what’s in store for September? A bit of everything.  Fiction by new writer Laura J. Sanger (Not One of Us, Chimaera Serials, Black Ink Horror, Leading Edge Magazine) and Kentucky author Patricia Correll (Reflection’s Edge, A Thousand Faces, The Written Word, Art Times and Magazine of the Dead), to name just a couple. Want to know more? Come see us Sunday! Or look for tomorrow’s teaser post…

Now, a little bit of business stuff.

With respect to guidelines and querying: if you haven’t heard from us, we still have your submission. I know our guidelines say a 30-40 day turnaround; we’re working on it. There’s simply so much wonderful work for us to wade through that it takes us time to give everything the attention it deserves. Anyway, the upshot of all this is ff you want to query, don’t hesitate. We know it’s difficult to sit on your hands, really, again, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. And if you don’t need to query–write to us anyway! We ❤ feedback.

Status: we’re working on our Cinderella issue too right now (more on that in the coming days) and farther ahead. I’ll post themes (loose themes) when we’ve all managed to stop gossiping about our contributors and our fixations on chocolate (me: dark. joe: milk. sheryl: milk. rouha: dark.) long enough to reach a decision.

Have a happy Friday, People!

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As some of our lovely readers have noticed, the Les Bonnes Fees machine has been quiet lately. Well, we’re okay. We’re better than okay, actually, because we have a rockin’ second issue I’m really excited about. So, what’s been going on?

I’ve been–and still am–away. I wish I could say I’m off on a fairy tale fact finding mission, but I’m not. Well, not really. I am busy talking to people, searching out literature, and generally doing things for Les Bonnes Fees at the moment. But, because I’ve been travelling, my internet access has been patchy, so I haven’t been able to post much.

A general update–our water theme has been working out rather well, though I’m still looking for non-fiction and poetry. We work with google documents mostly, too, but there have been some issues with that lately so, if you haven’t heard from us, don’t panic. We are reading submissions, and we are sending out .rtf and .pdf notes and comments. Some of these emails will be coming from others on the Fees team due to my woeful lack of regular internet access, but I do see everything that comes in.

And the next issue? There’s no real theme as yet, but I’ve been seeing a lot of Hansel and Gretel works lately, so perhaps there’ll be something in that. Maybe something not quite as specific as that, but a theme to do with eating, or manipulation, or even mother and father figures…what do you think? Comment and let us know!

I’ll be posting a bit more about Rampion in the Belltower tomorrow (Australian time), as the lovely Merrie Haskell has written a bit about how she came to write the story. ‘Til then!

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Just a short note to let everyone know our first issue is now full; we’re starting to mark up pages. If you’ve submitted to us and not heard back yet, don’t worry–we do our best to respond to every email–unless it’s been more than 30 days. If that’s the case, feel free to send us an “Hey, did you get my better-than-absolutely-fabulous-submission, the one I sent on some-date-more-than-a-month-ago” email.

Artists–we haven’t forgotten you. If we’ve contacted you about using your work, we’ll be sending out a contract &c. soon. (Joe is our contract guru, so don’t be surprised if you’re hearing from him rather than me. Don’t worry–he improves on acquaintance.)

Second issue–we’re working on it! We’re sorting through works for the second issue right now (at least, we will be as soon as I’ve posted this). Again, we’re not much on themes, but we’ve been getting a lot with water as a focus, a character, and a setting, so perhaps we’ll work with that. i.e. if you have a water-styled piece, send it in! We’re also actively building our list of non-fiction contributors (including reviewers); if you’re interested, drop us a line with a sample article or two.

Third issue–we’re working on it, too. No emergent themes as yet, but I’ll post if/when something crops up.

So, wondering about the first issue? Stay tuned–I’ll be posting a little about some of our contributors in the next few days.

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Hello and Welcome. By way of introduction, I’m Joe, one of the other editors here at Fees. I’m more on the technical side of things, so I probably won’t be posting all that much on this journal, but I will be writing things from time to time (like in a few minutes when I put up a comic review).

I can be reached through the general Les Bonnes Fees address.

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